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Islamic golden age, good example of Sultan Mehmet peoples

This one story which really epitomizes the understanding of Islam that the people had at the time of Muhammad Al-Fateh. 

He went out when he preparing his people for the attack on Constantinople, and he he came to them, as you know going into the streets dressed as a commoner. And so he wanted to test his people.

He wanted to see if they are ready for the siege of Constantinople. So he went to one of them, and of course he doesn't know that this man is the Khalifah, he doesn't know he is the Sultan. 

And he said to him, the Sultan said, "I want to buy some cheese, some milk and some honey from you." So he said, 'no problem, I'll sell you the cheese..,but for the milk and the honey please...I'll already made enough sales for today..go to my brother in that store over there...because I want him to also make some sales.' So he bought some cheese.. for the milk and honey he goes over there, he says, 'I want milk and honey.' He says, I'll give you the milk, but for the honey..Alhamdulillah! I've made my sales. 

'Go to my brother in this store over there, so he can make his sales.' And then he went and bought the honey and he said, 'Subhannallah! With these akhlaq and this love as Muslims and this unity, we're not just going to conquer Constantinople, Nay! Rather we will conquer the worlds'. And this is why these blessed people were able to conquer Constantinople.

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