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Advantages of BBM over Whatsapp

It's no more secret that BBM lovers are waiting for the release of compatible application for iOS and Android Smartphone, at his point of time, one has to go in detail to know what the advantages of BBM over whatsapp are. Whatsapp has declared in June 2013, that it has 250 million monthly active users, compared to BBM had only 51 million daily active users.

BBM users are more engaged as compared to any other messaging platform, because almost of half of the messages are read within the time frame 20 seconds of being received.

Lets look at the advantages of BBM over whats app

BBM allows to see the status of the messages such as Delivered (D) and Read (R) as a sign next to each message where in case of whatsapp only shows two tick marks only, meaning of first tick mark is that message is delivered to the server, where 2nd tick mark stands for that message is delivered to the network, but it never states that message has been read by the recipient.

BBM security is advanced and not based on mobile number, where whatsapp is based on mobile number; anyone who knows your mobile number can add you in a group and send any sort of messages without seeking your permission. So it exposed your number and photographs as well if updated on whatsapp. Where in case of BBM no one can add you without your permission. Even if you delete the user authorization is must to add again.

Privacy is important for each individuals, one of the biggest drawback of whatsapp is that it displays your time and date when you have accessed the whatsapp last time. It may create the conflict if you have ignored someone, even though you had answered to very important messages. In comparison BBM does not disclose unnesseccary information until or unless you want to display the same.

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